Furi Knives

Furi Knives offer several different models, and the knife we tested was the one by Rachael Ray: gusto- grip model FUR827. It’s an impressive, durable knife. The handle is comfortable to hold, and the blade is pleasantly sharp. The overall  quality seems to worthy of the endorsement made by the famous celebrity chef, Rachel Ray, who has promoted Furi knives on TV.

How sharp can Furi knives be ?

There are many inexpensive, hand held knife sharpeners with a V shaped opening, that you draw your knife through to ‘re-edge’ the blade. The Furi Professional Sharpener works on the same basic principal as many others, but it is made to last forever, so your Furi knives will have a long life.

The Furi triangle shaped cutters are adjustable, so you can have a longer or shorter angle on the cutting edge, depending on your preference. They also include a brass gauge with 2 different angles (and a tiny screwdriver) so it is very easy to adjust the cutting angle. The cutters are also replaceable. This is a TOOL – not a throw-away. And much better than any other similar tool I have used.

Furi knives experiment

I used the Furi on almost 80 Furi knives in 3 different local restaurants (and my own knives). The results were excellent:

One of the restaurants has a professional stop in and re-edge their knives once every couple of weeks. I talked to the Chef, and he let me take the Furi knives between lunch and dinner to re-edge them. The cooks were not told that the knives were being re-edged by someone else. I stayed in the kitchen talking to the chef when the night cooks arrived, to see if anyone noticed a difference. They did. Without any prompting, they all commented that someone different must have re-edged the Furi knives,  because they had a ‘much better edge than usual.